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  • Smile at children and their parents.  No scowling!  Greet them.
  • Children are not the future of the church, they are the church.  At baptism, we welcome them to God’s family and promise to journey with them.
  • Catch their interest, wonder, and enthusiasm.   Answer their questions. here PREPARING FOR WORSHIP get link

  • Be a positive role model.  Express your joy and enthusiasm.
  • Make worship a special time, preparing clothes and offering and special traditions, like a favorite breakfast before church.
  • Do family devotions, to teach prayer, songs, reverence, and God’s story.
  • Use a worship bag or bring your child’s bible, bible coloring or storybook.
  • Describe the behavior you want in positive terms. Be realistic and developmentally appropriate about your expectations. PARTICIPATING IN WORSHIP
  • Attend worship regularly.  Children learn by repetition and reinforcement.
  • Arrive early, so you can get settled in, answer questions, and point out important, interesting things about the sanctuary.
  • Sit where children can see and hear.
  • Help children follow the service in the bulletin and hymnal, and model participation and enthusiasm.
  • Speak in a whisper, close to your child’s ear.
  • Step out of the sanctuary, if your child is having a hard time.  Return as soon as your child is calm.

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  • Learn the names of the children and welcome them by name.
  • Greet the children and share the peace with them.
  • Thank children and their parents for coming to worship.  This is how a church family is supposed to look and sound.
  • If you are distracted by a child’s activity, pray for that child.
  • Look for a way you can help – sit in the pew with the parent and child, offer a piece of paper and pencil, show where we are in the bulletin.
  • Children already belong … God announces that in baptism!