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Tramadol Buy Online Canada Research tells us that children who worship with their parents are three times more likely to grow into adults, who have a life-transforming faith in Jesus Christ and who are connected to a worshipping, serving, learning community of faith themselves.  Isn’t this precisely what all of us want for the children we love?

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  • God created all
  • God calls all into relationship with both God and the neighbor
  • God calls all of us to worship
  • Jesus welcomed children
  • Jesus told us we need to become like children in faith, so they
  •    are sent as our teachers
  • All need to know God’s story, so that we can share God’s story

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  • We welcome children as our brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Children are the present of the church, not just its future.
  • The Holy Spirit is active in the children, stirring up faith.
  • Parents promise to bring their children to worship in God’s house.

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  • By doing, early and often.
  • By watching the adults we love worshipping.
  • When worship becomes a family habit.
  • Children can lead in worship, too.

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  • That worship is important to the adults they love.
  • How to worship.
  • Elements of worship – prayer, creed, hymns, liturgy.
  • That they belong, that they are a vitally important part of the faith family.
  • That Jesus loves them and welcomes them.